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Float Tank Therapy

Located in the beautiful Blue Mountains West of Sydney, our float tank therapy centre in Springwood allows you to unplug from the stresses of daily life. If your new to floating then your in for a treat, A good analogy for floating is your mind being a super computer, and each sense it has to process is a program running in the background. In an environment where the is no light, sound, temperature difference to the skin, and even gravity all but eliminated your mind will have all this extra processing power to focus inwards, which is when all the amazing things about floating begin. The practice is commonly used by doctors, athletes and just about anyone who is seeking a solution for their individual needs. Whether it is for personal development, physical recovery or to assist with pschological issues, float tanks have amazing benefits.

Float tanks (sensory deprivation tanks) Penrith

Imagine floating, the room is devoid of all light and earplugs ensure that all external sound is removed. Sound good? The float tank itself is filled with 10” of water of which is mixed with 350kg of Epsom salt. With all the conditions combined you are free from the sense of touch, gravity, friction, sound and light, resulting in an environment of complete peace and quiet; allowing your mind to focus on, well, you. Learn more about floating >>

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